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Training Exercises How To Master The Bar Muscle Up Muscle ups are super-tough, but they’re also one of the best all-round upper body calisthenic exercises you can do. Use this step-by-step guide to achieve your first muscle up and perfect your technique. Written by Patrick Dale, PT, ex-Marine Last Updated on July 5, Bar Muscle Up Guide.

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/ Gör din första Bar muscle-up Hero Fitness K subscribers K views 7 years ago Här har ni ett bra tips på hur ni ska lära er att göra muscle-ups. Använd ett powerband för att.

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En klassisk Muscle up går ut på att först få upp lite gung och sedan kraftigt svinga sig upp och få upp armbågarna över stången för att till sist häva sig upp. Svingen gör detta ofantligt mycket lättare, och är en del av en klassisk Muscle up. Så här gör du en Muscle up: Greppa stången och häng fritt (raka armar).

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1. Hollow Body When jumping up to the bar, hands should be about shoulder-width apart. Begin in a hollow body position, with your core and lats activated. How do you activate your lats? Think of it as ‘pulling down on the bar’ with straight arms, as you hang. It’s actually more similar to kipping TTB than a kipping C2B.

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  • To help develop the strength needed to move through these positions on the bar, work on them from the floor first. On your back, bring your hands above your head and legs slightly off the ground, forming a slight ‘c’. With a tight core and glutes, hold this hollow position for a few seconds, rest, then repeat.

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    Como hacer Muscle ups en barra - Bar Muscle up - Salveta Sport - TUTORIAL BAR MUSCLE UPHola! Hacía tiempo que tenía ganas de hacer este vídeo, antes que nada.

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      Bar muscle ups (BMU) are a great way to develop and display upper body strength, power, and coordination. Popular in CrossFit, and a variation of a staple move in gymnastics, the BMU combines and overhand pull-up with a straight bar dip. These two moves flow seamlessly together so that you go from hanging below the bar to balancing on straight.