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Ett vanligt A4 papper är 1/16 av storleken på ett fullt A0 ark. Varje pappersstorlek är därmed hälften så stor som den närmsta större storleken. I tabellen nedan hittar du alla mått på pappersstorlekar från A0 till A10 som är den minsta. Papperstorlekar med smart format.

A1 papper

A4 size in different values. The links below give you an overview. You will find the exact numbers for Micrometres (μm), Millimetres (mm), Centimetres (cm), Metres (m), Thou (th), Inches (in), Feet (ft), Yards (yd), Pixels, Pica, Point and HPGL. Click on the link to go to the appropriate size.

A0 mått

Ett papper i formatet A4 ingår alltså i A-serien och har skapats genom att grundstorleken (A0) har tudelats fyra gånger. Ett A4-papper blir därmed 1/16 av storleken på ett A0 (alltså mm × mm). Varje pappersstorlek är alltså hälften så stor som den närmast större storleken.
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    A4 in millimeters: A4 in inches: A4 in centimeters: A3 in millimeters: A3 in inches: A3 in centimeters: A2 in millimeters: A2 in inches: A2 in centimeters: A1 in millimeters: A1 in inches: A1 in centimeters: A0 in millimeters: A0 in inches: A0 in centimeters: B5 in millimeters: B5 in inches: B5 in centimeters: B4 in millimeters: B4 in inches.

    A4 mått inch

    The dimensions of the A series paper sizes, as defined by the ISO standard, are given in the table below the diagram in both millimetres and inches (cm measurements can be obtained by dividing mm value by 10).
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      ISO specifies drawing paper sizes with a trimmed size equal to the A series sizes from A4 upward. The untrimmed sizes are 3 to 4 cm larger and rounded to the nearest centimeter. A0 through A3 are used in landscape orientation, while A4 is used in portrait orientation.

  • a4 ark längd cm
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    When printing an actual bookmark if you are using an A4 sheet of paper sized ″ × ″ can fit a bookmark with the size of 6 × 2 in. But if one is using an A3, specific dimensions are × cm, and the sheet of paper then it can fit one to three bookmarks with the standard size of 6 × 2 in. Bookmark Sizes for Email.

    A4 mått cm

  • Paper A4 – width x height in pixels. 72 PPI – x px. 96 PPI – x px. PPI – x px. PPI – x px. PPI – x px.