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The Sudio Elva is rated to deliver 11 hours continuous play time. Call quality is also satisfactory, the caller complimented my voice as clear while the noise in the shopping mall is not audible. The voice sound like coming from a smartphone, not distant nor thin.

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  • Honestly speaking, the SUDIO Elva blew my mind away. It’s probably the best sounding SUDIO product that I’ve tested, and I found it to be rather suitable for musics of different genres. The SUDIO Elva managed very well across all frequencies. In the lows, the bass was succinct and well defined.

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    In terms of audio quality, Sudio Elva are a good pair of earphones for me. Especially with the ANC-on putting emphasis on the trebles of the music I frequently listen to. Comfort-wise, once I changed the bud tips to the XS size, it fit snug and didn’t fall out of my ears even during my jog.

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      ANC is decent. Call quality is good. The neckband is comfortable. For people who are afraid to use truly wireless earbuds for fear that they might fall off, the Elva is a great alternative. The bundled Flyg flight adapter makes the Elva a great deal. The Sudio Elva will retail at S$ when it officially launches worldwide on 14th September

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    16 Our Latest Reviews Preface The Sudio Elva is Sudio’s first wireless earphones that includes a Bluetooth Adapter (Sudio Flyg) and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. Let’s check out the merits and demerits of this new Sudio Elva model.

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    Review: XTAR SC1 PLUS – 3A Charger & Power Bank Sudio has launched a new audio product called Sudio Elva, but it’s not a true wireless earbuds. Instead it is a wireless neckband earphone which I haven’t seen in a while since the wave of true wireless earbuds took over.

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    Sudio Elva’s Active Noise Cancellation creates an immersive listening experience while using a tangle-free cord and secure fit you never have to unwind. The Sudio Elva portable Wireless Adapter allows you to connect to any analogue device, from handheld game consoles to in-flight entertainment, for when you really just need to plug-in.
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