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    Roborock US Official Site | Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Robot Vacuums Intelligent. Effective. Automatic. Learn more Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Powerful. -surface. Learn more Introducing Q5 Q5 LiDAR Navigation. Precision navigation with LiDAR. Buy now Learn more Q5 Auto-Empty Dock Pure Support.

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Key Features -One Dock to Rule Them All -Self-Drying&Self-Washing -Self-Emptying&Self-Refilling -Self-Cleaning Pa Extreme Suction -VibraRise® Mopping System -Auto Mop Lifting -Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance -PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation -Easy-to-use App features -Custom Cleaning Routines -Alexa&Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts Supported.
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    (24/7, US only) support@ Leave a message directly Access Roborock technical support here. We provide services such as user manual downloading, technical documents, FAQs, tutorial videos. You can also contact us for any Roborock product inquries.

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    Compare Roborock Robot Vacuums. Help Me Choose. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. New. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. Roborock S8+. Roborock S8. Roborock S7 Pro Ultra. Roborock Q8 Max.

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    roborock official store Top Tech. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Robot Vacuum with RockDock® Ultra (87) $1, Buy Now $ OFF Roborock Q Revo Robot Vacuum with Multifunctional Dock (51) $ $ Buy Now $ OFF Roborock Q5+ Robot Vacuum with Auto-Empty Dock Pure () $ $ Buy Now 42% OFF.

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    Roborock Support Center. Troubleshooting. Products. Robot Vacuums. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. Roborock S8+. Roborock S8. Roborock S7 Max Ultra. Roborock Q Revo.

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    Top-Rated Picks Robot Vacuums. Latest Reviews & Scores. US Robot Vacuum Experts. We Tested The Most Popular Robot Vacuums Available. Here's Our Top 5.
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  • Increased strength DuoRoller brush that's hair tangle-free for optimal carpet cleaning. Featuring the most convenient dock packed with features for hands-free cleanups.