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Reviews Knox Karaktär Blue Stark White – A strong portion snus from Knox with a nuanced taste of tobacco, juniper and bergamot. Buy yours online at !.
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    Knox Karaktär Blue Stark White – A strong and white portion snus from Knox that delivers solid nicotine kicks (14 mg/g) together with a well-rounded tobacco flavor that is topped with nuances of juniper and bergamot.

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    Knox Karaktär Blue Stark White Knox Karaktär Blue Strong White Portion Snus is perfect for fans of juniper/lavender/flavored snus. Hints of citrus, pine and light floral notes come through and the tobacco is medium and tasty. The 22 large portions per can are very comfortable under the lip and the flavor lasts a long time: well over an hour!.

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    Knox Karaktär Blue White. Knox Karaktär Blue White är ett white-portionssnus som har en traditionell tobakskaraktär med toner av bergamott och enbär. Prillorna är i formatet Large och styrkan är normal (2 av 4). 1 dosa 34,99 kr. pack (28,99 kr/st) ,90 kr. pack (28,16 kr/st) ,90 kr. Art P.
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      Knox Karaktär Blue Stark White – The same nuanced and well-rounded flavor, but now with stronger kicks! Its white and large portions have a light and balanced tobacco character and flavor where you’ll find tones of juniper and bergamot.
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    Knox Karaktär Blue White is an affordable product from Småland, an area in the southern parts of Sweden. It has a robust tobacco flavor with clear hints of juniper. Comes in white pouches that produces minimal drip. Knox is a more robust cousin to Skruf, formed by the snus manufacturer with the same name.

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  • Knox Snus & Knox Karaktär: Snus by Skruf with nuanced tobacco flavors Knox Karaktär Blue Stark White. White Portion. Choose your quantity. 1x 10x 30x 50x.

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    Knox Karaktär Blue White Portion – Has a distinct tobacco taste but also components of lavender, citrus and pine among the flavors. A solid prill with a dry white bag where the contents are moist for a delayed and long-term release of nicotine and flavors, with a lower flow. FACTS. Net Weight: 19,2 g Nicotine Level: 8 mg/g (7 mg per pouch).